Since 2006, 61 scholarships have been awarded to college-bound high school seniors totaling over $100,000. DMP Ministries is committed to assisting our Christian children, youth, and young adults to achieve their educational goals as they evangelize and serve as "The Light" in a world filled with chaos. WE MUST SUPPORT THEM in prayer, example and financially!

Our 2020 Scholarship recipients are outstanding students who provide initiation and leadership of service projects to better our communities.


Elizabeth Carroll

Baylor University

Elizabeth Carroll (or Libby, as she is known by her friends) is a homeschooled senior with a hunger for learning and heart for others. Encountering Christ’s love in seasons of personal suffering has given Libby a desire to minister to hurting youth, which she has had the privilege to do through volunteer staffing with TeenPact Leadership Schools and leading a LifeGroup of seventh grade girls at her church. These experiences alongside others such as lifeguarding in the summers and serving on mission trips in New Orleans, Chicago, Anchorage, and Bogota are some of Libby’s fondest high school memories. Libby is passionate about leading, writing, connecting deeply with others, and living her life sold out for Jesus. She plans to do just that as a University Scholars major at Baylor University in the fall.

DMP 2020 Scholarship Recipient - Elizabeth Carroll

Bianca Davis

Howard University

Bianca Davis is a graduating senior at Mirabeau B Lamar Senior High School. Davis is the founder and president of Lamar Ladies of Excellence where she teaches high school girls the importance of serving their community with class. She served on the City of Houston’s Mayor’s Youth Council as the District B Council Member where she promoted civic engagement through various projects and service events. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Lone Star Society, and 1st Vice President for Top Teens of America where she advocates for issues such as Sickle Cell Anemia, Breast Cancer, and more. She is a member of the Lighthouse Church of Houston where she holds the title of Co-Leader of the praise dance ministry, and she is also a member of Distinguished Gems Dance Company. In her free time, she loves to praise dance because it is the most intimate way she is able to connect with God. In the fall, Bianca will continue her education at Howard University majoring in Political Science with a minor in English in hopes of becoming a lawyer.

DMP 2020 Scholarship Recipient - Bianca Davis

Natnael Gizaw

Bowdoin College

Natnael grew up in a religious Orthodox Christian household from an Ethiopian family that immigrated to the states a short while ago. He has been an ordained deacon at his local Orthodox Tewahedo Church for about four years, enjoying the engagement within his community. Natnael is grateful to have found his place through assuming responsibilities in his church, which has become a part of his weekly life. Through this newfound love, he helped start “Ye Beata Freoch,” a religious organization aimed to help youth find the beauty behind religion. Through the excitement of serving alongside his best friends and respected community members, he found a “new light”, which in his own words, has “transformed my arguments with my father on Sunday mornings into laughter when attending weekly service”.

School-wise, he is a leader, and involved with many organizations such as Vice-President of the Africa Club, an Ambassador for Emerge, a CIEE summer abroad student, and volunteers for a handful of other organizations. In the Fall, Natnael will attend Bowdoin College, in Maine, to study Economics and Religion.

“I am honored to be recognized as a DMP Servant’s Heart scholarship recipient. Thank you for this opportunity, and God bless”.

DMP 2020 Scholarship Recipient - Natnael Gizaw

Deann Mendoza - Overcomer Award

Regent University

DeAnn Mendoza is the “Overcomer” winner of the DMP Servant’s Heart Scholarship.  She was born to a single, teenage mother in a neighborhood where teenage pregnancy was prevalent and the high school dropout rate was high. However, after giving her life to Christ, DeAnn became full of drive and perseverance, and graduated from Sam Houston Math, Science and Technology Center High School, in the top 10% of her class.

Miss Mendoza was noted to have almost single-handedly helped to nurse and encourage her father (a single dad at the time) through many months of rehab and recovery following a serious life-threatening illness. During this time of caring for her Dad, Deann continued to excel in her grades and to participate in her many extracurricular school activities.

DeAnn finds great joy in serving at her church assisting with the Middle School kids and Youth events, and teaching the Pre-K class. “I wasn't raised as a Christian so I wasn't making the best decisions, until my sophomore year when I found God and turned my life around. I've devoted my life to him ever since”. Deann will attend Regent University, a private Christian university in Virginia Beach, VA.

DMP 2020 Scholarship Recipient - Deann Mendoza - Overcoming Award

Nnamdi Nwadaei

University of Texas at Dallas

Nnamdi Nwadei is a senior at Seven Lakes High School in Katy. Over the years, he has developed a strong relationship with God which is evident through his participation in many activities both at church and in the community. At church, he assists with communion, seating, passing out bulletins, and receiving the offerings. Additionally, he works with the data entry team to enter the connection cards into the church database, and leads the younger children during Vacation Bible School.

In his community, Nnamdi initiates summer donation drives to provide various shelters with personal care items, and enjoys assisting with distributing food items to those in need. He has taken special interest in a non-verbal teenage boy with autism spectrum, and spends time talking with and reading to him.

At school, Nnamdi was the captain of the Varsity track and field team, and represented his school as a hurdler, winning many athletic awards. Through faith, service, and leadership, he has developed a positive attitude, compassion, humility, confidence, and the desire to excel in all he does. This Fall, Nnamdi will be attending the University of Texas at Dallas, where he will pursue a degree in Accounting.

“Serving others makes me look inward and appreciate God in my life. Through service, no matter how simple, we can create infinite ripples across the world and ultimately make it a better place”.

DMP 2020 Scholarship Recipient - Nnamdi Nwadaei

Eloy Sanchez Jr.

Columbia University

Eloy Sanchez Jr. graduated from J. Frank Dobie High School, ranking 3rd in his class. He has been enrolled in advanced/honors classes every semester since sixth grade, and has never earned less than a high A, even while holding a part-time job for the last year and a half. He is a four-year member of the orchestra and held officer positions since his sophomore year. Eloy has also worked as an intern in a local dermatologist office and has volunteered with an emergency medical technician program. He was inducted into the National Honor Society and has received recognition for his achievements in STEM activities such as the National Student Leadership Forum and the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Students.

Service to others has always been integral to who Eloy Sanchez Jr. is. From Eagle Scout, to President of his Emergency Medical Services Explorer post, the Lord has blessed him with a multitude of opportunities to give back. Within his church, he serves as the Lead Technician of the Audio/Visual Department. He will be attending Columbia University in the Fall to major in Biomedical Engineering. Eloy’s life’s goal is to “help others in the greatest capacity possible”. He intends to pursue a career as a specialized surgeon and hopes to do so while serving in the United States Air Force.

DMP 2020 Scholarship Recipient - Eloy Sanchez Jr

Chloe Spiller

Houston Baptist University

Chloe has been an active member of the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council for 13 years and received the Gold Award, the highest honor awarded to a girl scout. She planned, organized, and hosted Alief ISD's first Parenting and Pregnant Teen Conference and made it a sustainable project. Through her girl scout ministry, Chloe completed hundreds of community service hours.

In her own words, “I absolutely love serving!” Miss Spiller has served in ministries at her church ranging from praise dance to choir, as well as being a news anchor for the church commercials. As a result of her efforts and service at church, she was one of 2 teens honored at the Kingdom Girls Rock Ceremony, where she received the Servitude Award.

She plans to continue serving and helping to make life better for others, as she attends Houston Baptist University as a Cyber Security Engineer major. “With technology being the central focus of most organizations, it is paramount that we have people in place, who actually care about people, and work to keep precious information secure”.

DMP 2020 Scholarship Recipient - Chloe Spiller


Our Mission is to change the world, one person at a time, by encouraging, mentoring and rewarding youth and young adults as they use their God-given talents and abilities in loving service to others.





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