What is Dana’s Legacy?

Many people live their lives without ever sharing the love of Jesus with anyone. Dana’s legacy is of this remarkable 16 year old that truly loved the Lord and gave him her all?

  • The Dana Michelle Pettaway Ministries, Inc. (DMP), was established in January 2004, in loving memory of Dana. Her passion was to impact youth through Christian mentorship, positive role-modeling, and unconditional love. We were led by the Holy Spirit through the revelations found in Dana’s Journal to continue her mission for the Lord by mentoring and encouraging youth for Christian service through this ministry.
  • The DMP Service Scholarship provides funds for college-bound high school seniors with a heart for Christian service.
  • Dana’s spiritual journal, “After God’s Own Heart”, is an unedited collection of Dana’s innermost thoughts and prayers. It has been published and gives us a true and honest look at her intense relationship with God and the powerful effect he had on her life.
  • Year after year, students are still being reached through a chapter of the Student Venture Christian organization that Dana founded on her high school campus. This club shares the love and teachings of Christ with other students.
  • Untold numbers of youth and adults have received Christ into their lives as a result of her life and her untimely death.

The accompanying video documentary is meant to introduce you to this remarkable young soldier for Christ and to encourage you in your walk with him!

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